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A restaurant where
locals and tourists meet.


Bungalow Restaurant

Our Bungalow is designed to give the paseo of Marbella a hotspot where the aim is to satisfy far beyond the power of taste buds.

At Bungalow, all the senses come alive and we invite you to try new tastes, get carried away by our music, and enjoy our atmosphere. The menu is steered towards the concept of sharing in order to give you an opportunity to play around with all that we have to offer, and experience the world of food & drink pairing. This family-style dining embodies all of the emotions which make up Bungalow and the family behind the concept.


Lunch at Bungalow

At lunchtime, Bungalow is a sanctuary for beachgoers and gallivanting people in Marbella. Here you can unwind in the safety of our care whilst sipping on your favorite cocktail or tasting our various range of small and big bites. Chill on the first line of the promenade, with a killer ocean view of course.

The best view

Cocktail Night

After the intensity of the day has settled, we invite you once again for an evening with some of the best sunsets you have ever witnessed. At this point of the day cocktails and funky music is the vibe, along with the sound of glasses coming together and food being shared.


- Wednesdays -
Baby Saturdays

We don’t believe that fun belongs exclusively to the weekends, which is why we follow our hearts & tradition by honoring baby Saturdays. Right in the middle of the week, these baby Saturdays will lift your spirits and together with our awesome atmosphere, give you plenty of stories to tell…


Bungalow's Banging Brunch

Marbella gets a brand new brunch experience with everything you could possibly want for the first meal of the day. Honouring the laidback lifestyle of Marbella, a fresh and tasty brunch is perfect for you who just can’t get up at those early breakfast hours. With delights like Acai bowls & Avocado toasts, to Chicken fajitas & Nutella pancakes, not to mention the brunch classic; Mimosa, we aim to provide you with the perfect brunch by the sea.


- Saturdays -
Suave Saturdays

Oh Saturday how you always arrive when I need you the most! There is no better feeling than to wake up and reminisce about Friday’s events, but for most of us, we thank all that is holy that Saturday has arrived. On this occasion, Bungalow’s suave vibes will prepare you for whatever the night has to offer. With us, you shall want for nothing, with our hospitable staff looking out for your every need. Music in your ears, food on your table & a drink in your hand(s). Welcome!


- Sundays -
Family Philosophy

Sunday, the day for reflection & loved ones. After the weekend’s tumultuous adventures, there’s no better way to feel safe & sound than to be with family. A special day for you and your loved ones to enjoy our dining experience – family style!


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