Green Initiative

Big or small, no one in our privileged society can be exempt from this task.
Green Initiative

Bungalow Restaurant

With the world being what it is, we at Bungalow believe that it is everybody’s responsibility to be sustainable in his or her practices. Big or small, no one in our privileged society can be exempt from this task. We recognize our critical responsibility to protect and care for our planet and have therefore looked into what part we play on our beloved Costa del sol. Bungalow’s measures will mainly focus on sustainable consumption in terms of water, waste & electricity. Our goal is to continuously calculate & reduce our carbon footprint in order to make sure that Bungalow uses her resources to their full extent, and does not act as a burden to the environment. Furthermore, everybody at Bungalow believes in pushing the trend of sustainability, and inspiring both businesses & guests to become more conscious about their own carbon footprint. Down below we present Bungalow’s attempts to lower her consumption.

The Rice Straw

Bungalow is a proud client of The rice straw, a green company that provides hospitality properties with a substitute to plastic straws. Their straws are made out of 100% rice, meaning that no microplastics will ever be produced from Bungalow.

Aquaviva Filtered Tap Water

Our Bungalow branded water is our first choice when serving water to our guests.
This water has been filtered through our in-house water system, provided by our partners at Aquaviva. By using filtered and purified tap water, Bungalow turns down the mainstream and manufactured plastic bottles, which instead are substituted by reusable glass bottles. On top of reducing our plastic waste output, we further reduce our carbon footprint by turning down daily transportation and delivery of plastic bottles.

Waste Management & Accounting

We have integrated a waste management system that allows us to both sort our waste, and track its trends. By tracking the trends and habits of our property’s waste, we can quickly see unsustainable practices and take immediate action in order to adapt our standard operating procedures accordingly. This is one of our strongest day-to-day attempts to reduce our waste output and in turn, carbon footprint.

Use of Aerator in Taps

By introducing aerators in all of our taps and faucets, our property’s water consumption will be reduced by more than half. It is estimated that a normal faucet without the use of an aerator consumes about 15 litres per minute. This can be reduced to about 6 litres per minute by the integration of an aerator. The device introduces an airflow which is mixed with the water, allowing for a maintained water pressure, but with about half the consumption.

Low Flush Toilets

By fitting our bathrooms with low flush toilets, the property will save more than 50% on its bathroom’s water consumption. While most properties use old-fashioned toilets, which use around 13 litres per flush, we at Bungalow use low flush toilets where the consumption is only 6 litres per flush. Seeing as our toilets are being used multiple times each day, it is our belief that this installation will help us in our goal of reducing our carbon footprint.

Occupancy Sensors

By using these sensors for the bathroom lights, the lights will only be turned on when the lavatory is being used. This means that for the majority of each day, the lights will be off. This measure will heavily reduce our electricity consumption over time and help us reach our goal.

LED Lighting

LED lights not only use less electricity than normal bulbs, but they have a longer lifespan. LED lights have a longer lifetime than any other manufactured light, and use less energy while producing the same amount of light. Furthermore, LED lighting does not have any heat or UV emissions, meaning that the use of cooling the property will be less necessary, saving even more electricity and thereby lowering our consumption even further. The absolute majority of our lighting is LED based.

Biodegradable Napkins made from Recycled Materials

We asked ourselves the question “which are the base products in a restaurant that gets used and thrown out the most?”. We realized that among glass/plastic bottles and the actual food, the napkins take up a huge amount of restaurant waste. Because of this, Bungalow made a commitment to always use napkins made from recycled materials, that can both be recycled again, or naturally break down if they should ever make their way out into the environment.

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